Editing a Dissertation-Zoom in to an editor’s view

A document that would appear to be well written to a layman can be full of mistakes for an editor. The vision of an editor is highly refined. They do not read through a work, instead comb through it minutely. While the writer checks the document on a macro level, the editor does so at a micro level.

Indeed, the editor might be a man on a mission to find errors. The façade of a document does not impress them; instead, they zoom in on the smallest of errors and remove them. When it comes to research work, the professional editors would not tolerate casual language. They make sure that the language used is academic, even if it means rewriting the complete document. Just as, a camera lens captures the most expressive pictures an editor retains only what is most significant to research. He removes all irrelevant matter, and makes the document crisp. The editor has a task to examine the research document in a detached manner.

The expert maintains clarity in sentences and a proper structure. Spelling and grammatical mistakes also removed. If the document is not in a proper format, or the citation style is not as prescribed, the editor sees to it that they are corrected. He is responsible for making the research document picture perfect. Hence, he ensures that all rules prescribed by the concerned university are followed.

The editor even focuses on the missing elements of the research work. If there are graphs, images or tables that can complement the written matter, they are provided by the editor. Words that can be replaced with more suitable vocabulary are changed. While editing a dissertation or thesis, the statistical tools which are used for analysis are also checked. They must be apt and provide accurate results.

Lastly, the lens of the editor roves over the entire matter to approve the authenticity of the matter. Fabricated images do not form lively pictures. In the same way, plagiarized matter cannot make a relevant dissertation. An expert editor takes these flaws out of the picture.

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