What ESL Editing is All About?

There are many research students who belong to countries where English is not spoken or learnt as one of the main languages. Such students have English as a second language (ESL). They are unaware of the styles in which native English is written and spoken. Thus, they also face several types of linguistic issues because […]

What can Make a Quality Journal Paper

In the world of academics, in order to get hold of accolade, contributions towards society and organizations must be put forward by means of quality research works, which can be implemented in a real world setting. One of the finest ways to put forward the research works before the world at large is to publish […]

Writing and Professional Writing

When you want to get published your write-up will fall under the category of professional writing, readers of professional write-ups have low tolerance for flaws as they are reading for their own selves, in contrast to educators who read in order to assess and improve you. At the professional writing stage you do not seek […]

Stop grammatical mistake if you want to score high

Many students face problems related to editing and proofreading. ¬†There are professionals providing help correcting grammatical errors in an efficient manner. Sometimes, it may happen that as a writer you may overlook, verb tense, spelling, including punctuation, and sentence structure. Its better to take help regarding proper documentation of body and thesis statement. Your work […]

Speed is of the essence

One of the things that editors have to keep in mind when they are editing academic works is that speed is of the essence. It is essential for them to complete the initial work as quickly as possible. The students are on deadlines. There will be times when the students will have to make wholesale […]

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