What can Make a Quality Journal Paper

In the world of academics, in order to get hold of accolade, contributions towards society and organizations must be put forward by means of quality research works, which can be implemented in a real world setting. One of the finest ways to put forward the research works before the world at large is to publish the research works in quality, peer-reviewed academic and practitioner journals. That is the way to increase the visibility of the research work being carried out by the researcher, and at the same time, to obtain eminence among the world of academics.

However, publication of research works in reputed journals is not an easy task, as there are several parameters which are being judged while publication of any particular research work. While going for any publication, these parameters are required to be considered seriously, as acceptance of the work largely depends on these factors. First, objective of the research has to be stated clearly, as based on this part interest of the readers will be generated. While stating the objective of the study, a glimpse of the results and adopted methodology are also needed to be mentioned. Second, a thorough literature review has to be provided, as this part substantiates the objective of the study, as well as research gap established by this part substantiates significance of the study. Based on the literature review, variables of the study are found and the adopted methodology is established. Third, reason behind adaptation of that particular research method is needed to be stated clearly, as there can be alternative methods available for answering that research question. Fourth, analysis of the results must be done as rigorously as possible, as that is the heart of the study, and the conclusions of the work come from this part only. For more information about components of a quality journal paper, kindly browse through the pages of www.redmarkediting.com.

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