Editing the bibliography for a proper structure

Bibliography essentially means a description of books. Books can be described in several ways but in the context of academic, non-fictional or even fictional writing, bibliography implies enumerative bibliography or a systematic description of books and other published or unpublished documents. Other sources include journals, magazines, newspapers and websites. In academic writing, such as dissertations, citations and bibliography go together. Citations and bibliography need to adhere to certain formats; the well-known ones are Oxford, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, American Sociological Association and others. The bibliography listing is usually quite lengthy, as a dissertation write-up needs to have at least fifteen to twenty references. Editing the bibliography calls for:

• Ensuring the proper citation of all referenced matter used for writing the text.

• Identifying and citing the correct source of knowledge not created by the writer but used in the text.

• Ensuring conformance to specified standards and rules of citation.

• Ensuring uniformity in the form of citation used throughout the document

At Redmark Editing over 140 editors are associated with the group in its endeavor to make academic documents and other manuscripts fool proof. Their long standing expertise in bibliography editing enables quick discernment of lacunas and flaws, and their rectification thereafter.

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