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Publication is the zenith of success for a researcher and writer. Being published in a reputed journal proves the value of a research work and makes it known to scholars across the world. It is an acknowledgement of the hard work that a researcher puts in for the dissertation or thesis and gives a boost to his academic career. However, this reward is not easy to earn.

There are many conditions that must be fulfilled in order to get a research paper published. These conditions are imposed by the publishers and relate to the quality of work. These publishers select a document after examining various aspects, like the topic covered, language, format, validity and originality. Some papers also state the length of research paper. The contribution of the research to the subject, as reflected by the results, is also evaluated. Lastly, there are prescribed rules regarding citation style and the structure of presentation. Reading some issues of the journal will give a clearer idea about the requirements.

To adhere by all the above conditions, the researcher will need to edit and proofread the document before submitting it for publication. After all, it is an honor to have a research selected by a national or international journal, and one must not let the opportunity slip by because of some minor mistake. Editing is a must to make sure that the research paper is prepared in the correct format and the chapters are in order. The flow of chapters may need alteration, and the content should be rewritten to maintain the logical flow between them.

The editors also check the relevance of the references, reliability of the statistical tools, and validity of the conclusion. They check the originality of the content, lest the publisher reject the work on grounds of plagiarism. The proofreading service corrects the grammar, spellings, syntax, and punctuations. Even small errors in language or typo errors can change the meaning of the text. Hence, it is advisable to hire the help of professional editors and proofreaders, to guarantee the publication of the research paper once it is chosen by a journal.

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