Editing the bibliography for a proper structure

Bibliography essentially means a description of books. Books can be described in several ways but in the context of academic, non-fictional or even fictional writing, bibliography implies enumerative bibliography or a systematic description of books and other published or unpublished documents. Other sources include journals, magazines, newspapers and websites. In academic writing, such as dissertations, […]

Why does plagiarism kill a thesis?

Plagiarism – that much hated term, is the scourge of publishing. Whether it is traditional fiction in paperback, non-fiction work on literature or psychology, or online blogs, or printed newspapers – the written word albeit in all forms have been witness to widespread plagiarism. Considered an offense under the Academic Code of Conduct, plagiarism under […]

The MLA Style for Writing

One of the most popular styles that are used by authors in the humanities field like language and literature is the MLA style. MLA stands for Modern Language Association and this style was conceived in the mid 1980s. The main audience that this style caters to is students, scholars, professional writers and professional editors. One […]

Editing Checklist for a critical college essay

Submitting a non-edited college essay can have adverse affects on your academic score. It is quite essential for the college student to edit and proofread his/her college essay using the best tools in order to ascertain its 100% flawless nature. In this blog, you will find a helpful checklist for revising and editing your essay […]

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