Add some fun to your editing process

Finished writing your dissertation? Well and good! Now, get down to revising and editing what you wrote. The documentation of the research procedure and the outcomes must have taken a few weeks, as you need to assimilate all data, conduct some analysis and present it in an intelligible manner for the review committee. Although you have the references, as well as the data bank ready, the process of writing is bound to be tiring. So why not add some twist to the inevitable task of editing the research report. Here are some ways in which you can do so:

  • Keep a record of the number of wrong spellings found in a day: Lets’ face it; you are not perfect and you must have committed some spelling mistakes while writing the dissertation. Whether they are typo errors or homonyms, they need to be corrected. Count all such words find every day, and you can also maintain a list; so that you are careful with them the next time.
  • Compete with your friends: If you are in a master’s program, probably your classmates would also be busy revising the final draft at the same time. Start a contest and see who can complete the most number of pages in a day.
  • Get a peer review done: If you are going to count pages, you also need to make sure that the editing is done most effectively. For this, ask a friend to review your work and assess if there are still some mistakes to be corrected. Such peer review will enable you to find the flaws and improve your editing skills.
  • Draw a chart/ illustration: While editing, you may need to refine your text with some illustrations or images. You may also need to make some changes to the statistical tables or add some charts to present the data analysis in a simple manner. Such tasks will certainly add some spice to the editing process, and you can let your creative juices flow in abundance.
  • Make acronyms: Lastly, you can create some acronyms for the terms you have used through the dissertation and the sub-sections you have created. This will help you remember them and make your defense easier.

These tricks sure act for me when I am revising my work. Try them out and let us know if they help you too. 

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