More features of academic writing

Planning is the first step towards academic writing, and it must be done after dedicating enough time for thrashing out the idea. You have to be sure of the language style to be followed, as well as the refereeing style. There is more that needs to be remembered, as is described here:

  • Managing information: After you are through with the collection of data, you must manage it properly, so that it is organized and easy to find when you need it. Only when the data is arranged in a systematic manner, you will be able to use it correctly for analysis. This is also help you focus on the structure of the study.
  • Structure of document: There has to be a set format, and the various parts of the document must be linked logically. While in an essay or assignment, will be shorter, with just a few sub-heads; a dissertation or thesis will have full-fledged chapters. If there is a break, it disturbs the reader and makes it difficult to go on with the reading. Each chapter must be summarized in such a manner that a person does not have to refer to the previous topic to interpret the meaning of what he is reading. The sections must not be stand-alone stories, but flow as in a novel.
  • Focus on the objectives: if you are able to maintain your objectivity and stay focused on the aims of the research, then you will not have problems answering the research questions. The arguments you out across will also be more convincing.
  • Be original: while it is fine to borrow ideas and even quote other authors; it must always be done using proper citation. In the absence of citations, the act amounts to stealing. Plagiarism is not tolerated by the colleges. So, even if paraphrasing a part of text seems to be the easier option, it is must that you understand the matter and put it in your own words.
  • Present well: Lastly, pay attention to the vocabulary, grammar, spellings, punctuations and clarity.

A dissertation, which is well thought, well written and well presented, is bound to be a scoring one.

If you have a look at the editing report which is prepared after the task is completed by the

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