Basic rules for PhD Dissertation Editing

If you are thinking of submitting a dissertation before editing it first, do it at your own risk and beware of the results. Even if you are getting late for submission, I would still advise that you ask for an extension and do a thorough revision before you go to submit the dissertation. Editing a research work is essential sine it ads great value to the report, even as the length may be reduced. However, PhD Dissertation Editing may not be seen only as a revision task. If you do not know what to check and correct, then the revision will be aimless and futile. Here are some aspects that must be assessed when you are checking a master’s dissertation:

  • Grammar and spellings: even though you may have been careful, some errors in grammar can be easily overlooked during writing such a technical and bulky document. Also, spelling or typographical mistakes may be made, since you are obviously in a hurry to finish the documentation. The automatic spelling checker does not always work; for instance, when you have written ‘lime’ instead of ‘line’ the Word checker will not help, as both these words are valid English words. So check the spellings and syntax closely.
  • Logical structure: The structure of a dissertation must be logically correct, so that a reader who is new to the topic does not have a difficulty in understanding the matter. Check headings and sub-headings, and ensure that the matter placed under each heading is appropriate. Each chapter must be connected with the prior and next one, by adding proper connecting sentences and phrases in the introducing and concluding paragraphs.
  • Format of dissertation: the format of the dissertation cannot be like any other assignment that you have done. It has to follow the format that is demanded by the college and abides by the prescribed style, be it Harvard, APA, MLA, Turabian or Chicago. There is a set place for each part of the dissertation; even width of margins and size of fonts are specified by the formatting guidelines. So, make sure that you know these rules properly and follow them while checking the document.

It is quite possible that you may be clueless about the formatting and grammatical rules that are so essential for dissertation editing. So, Editing Services for Dissertation must be opted for, as these services are provided by qualified editors and subject matter experts.

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