Research paper editing services help to trim your academic draft

Preparing a research paper, while writing a dissertation, is something that many scholars see as an appropriate way to get published. However, the nature of a dissertation and that of a research paper cannot be the same. The technique, which one adopts to write a scholarly document like dissertation or thesis, will not be correct for a research paper.

There might be many unnecessary citations, which must be done away with. While it is advisable to reduce the citations, make sure that you are not committing plagiarism. Opting for Research paper editing services will facilitate the understanding of the elements, which must be retained in the research paper, when one adapts it from a dissertation chapter. Here, I list some of the citations, which you must include:

•   The source of a direct quotation must be given
•   Origin of an opinion or conclusion, if not the author’s own, should be acknowledged
•   Credit must be provided for any large or complete pieces of material, like extensive quotations, tables or figures, taken from previously published work
•   Permission to reprint must be obtained

Apart from the above stated requirements, which are compulsory, you can provide citations for definitions and other information. However, there are some citations, which have to be eliminated:

•   Statements of fact need not be referenced unless they are under dispute, presented as discoveries, or seen in a new context
•   Explanatory notes that bear little relation to the text should be deleted
•   Discursive notes that are crucial to the argument should be incorporated into the text

Most publishers of research papers consider several systems of documentation to be acceptable, among which, the endnote system (or the humanities system), author date system and the unnumbered-note system are the most popular. You must ensure that you are following the citation system, which the journal that you are targeting for research paper publication prescribes. It might be a university publication or an international journal.

There are several reasons why you need to modify the dissertation to give it some semblance to a research paper. One is to convert the documentation from a proof of expertise, which is suitable for the dissertation review committee, to a source of information to your readers, who will subscribe to the journal. The second reason to cut short the academic apparatus is to enhance the narrative flow and have a better structure. Too many note numbers, parenthetical citations, tables and graphs distract the reader’s attention, as they interrupt the argument. Document Editing Services, with relevant experience, must be hired to bring about the required changes in the document.

The third reason to edit the document is a purely pragmatic one. Fewer notes and references mean fewer pages, which will save editing, typesetting and printing cost. This will make your research paper profitable for a publisher. Finally, lesser notes mean lower chances of committing an error.

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