How To Make Your Thesis Presentable?

Thesis is one of the most crucial documents of a student’s life. According to a study conducted on a group of research scholars from the University of Pennsylvania, students are more horror-struck with the submission date of their research assignments than they are with their examinations. The performance of presentation and thesis reports has a great role play in the final marks and grades of a degree program.

Thesis or research report must be submitted duly completed, in a proper format, at the university or department, before the deadline ends. You should make sure that it is error-free and presentable. Given below are a few ideas that will help you create well turned-out thesis paper –

Go with the universal writing format. Every write-up needs to be written in this universal format – introduction – description or explanation – conclusion. Your thesis paper should also be framed this way. You need to compose an interesting introduction, after which a detailed explanation, and finally, a conclusion. In introduction, you should create a scene that encourages your target audience to read your work. Further, you should explain your research, data, collected facts, and findings, before finishing off your write-up. It is up to you to decide how many paragraphs, headings, subheadings, figures, charts, graphs, etc. you are going to use in it. But, assemble everything in an easy manner, so that they do not look congested. You should keep on checking the print preview as you create your report.

Design part – Now comes the design part of your thesis report. You should use only one style of writing throughout your paper, with the purpose of giving it a sense of uniformity. (For example, headings should have same font type and size across the report.)Do not use fancy fonts for your academic thesis. Keep the design of your academic research paper simple and decent.

Make it error-free. Once you have finished writing your paper; you should check it for subject and language related errors. You should ensure that your thesis report has no grammatical and typographical errors.

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