3 Slip-Ups While Writing a Journal

An aunt of mine is a PhD guide who assists and goes through PhD papers of ample of researchers every year. Mulling over that it is the psyche of a professor, her eyes roll on mistakes only and then starts the series of acerbic marks and grades. This is a general fact about every professor of almost all the universities and throbbing streak of the majority of scholars all around.

Thousands of scholars face obscured while writing a journal for their research work. Some obtains backing of editors and writers while others thrash around many books, internet, previous journals, and various other study materials. In due course of writing and that too in lack of support, academics commit many slip-ups and slacks down his marks and grades. Also, one definitely wants to discern and improve on these gaffes. So, let’s have a look on what are those 3 main slip-ups you consign while writing a journal –

1. Writing since long time – A good teacher gets pissed off after delivering continuous classes. Same is with our mind; it gets puzzled and scrambled if we drill it for long. So, it’s suggested to take breaks in between you write. An ideal writing session is defined to be of 20 to 30 minutes, if it stretches for long your mind becomes less productive.
2. Diversion from topic – It’s your journal not a novel, so try to keep it precise and up to the topic. Research well and hit upon the facts and figures to make your write-up an original and unique work. Usually researchers divert from their topic and end up writing superfluous things.
3. Lack of editing – Last but nevertheless least, “editing” is the most important part of writing. Researchers often overlook it in the sight of over confidence. Editing eliminates language errors, alignment errors and redundant matters.

Hence, you can present a flawless journal and score the best of yours.

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