Be your own troubleshooter

Your hands and feet should keep working when your mind says ‘ it can’t be done’. Truly it’s a right thought which proves to be a fact at any workplace. When you are loaded with work pressure, files surround you just like anything, your internet server jams the server of your mind, you feel like pissed off. Even the smallest task seems like an Everest to you. And you start panicking;it’s a case with everyone. nothing new. But to make yourself distinct at workplace, you have to keep working ultimately to get the solution to your problems,which is called troubleshooting.


When things go wrong way,deviated from the target, just roll up your sleeves and start working with additive inputs from your side. Imagine yourself in a situation when there is a fire outbreak in your vicinity. What will you do? Will you keep panicking till you are burnt? Or will you start shouting at others who did carelessness etc.? Or will you just keep giving excuses and reasons?


Perhaps you will do everything to save yourself from the disaster. And perhaps you will succeed also. If there is nobody around you to help,are you going to wait for him or her? No you can’t afford that keeping yourself at stake. And at that time even when your mind dose not gives any idea, your body keeps coordinating to be into action. So why not when you are at a workplace and you have to troubleshoot the issues which are in a habit of evolution.

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So just take yourself to a next level,where you are the only one to manage things and this will lead you to a rank where no one can stand.



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