More features of academic writing

Planning is the first step towards academic writing, and it must be done after dedicating enough time for thrashing out the idea. You have to be sure of the language style to be followed, as well as the refereeing style. There is more that needs to be remembered, as is described here: Managing information: After […]

Salient features of Academic writing style

Every scholar who pursues a master’s or PhD course, is suppose to produce documents which are written in a formal manner, following the academic style of writing. Before you start to dole out assignments and projects for your various subjects, it is vital that you understand the characteristics of academic writing. The style is very […]

Present an impressive dissertation

The primary reason why a scholar spends years preparing a dissertation or thesis is to succeed when he makes a presentation in front of the research review committee. There are some points that need to be ensured before putting the document on the defense table. Structure and Format: before starting with the actual task of […]

Saying it all with impressive essays

If you thought your days of essay writing are over, as you pass out of school, get a reality check. Essays are required to be written at every step of education and even for moving forward in your career. When you are taking admission in a reputed graduation college, you need to submit an essay […]

Get published to get popular

Publication is the zenith of success for a researcher and writer. Being published in a reputed journal proves the value of a research work and makes it known to scholars across the world. It is an acknowledgement of the hard work that a researcher puts in for the dissertation or thesis and gives a boost […]

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