Varying Citation Styles with the Different Document Types

There are many different citation styles around the world. Students are obligated to use these citation styles in their research works and other documents including their dissertation, their thesis, research papers, assignments, etc. These citation styles include the Turabian citation style, the APA, the Chicago Manual of Style, and finally, the MLA style.

Citation Styles Explained

The citation styles vary with the sources from which they are taken. These citation styles are made such that they can be used to cite the sources in an enhanced manner. Different styles are, in fact, applicable on various types of written text. Citing the different sources is a tough task and requires one to take help from an efficient supervisor.

Varying Citation Styles

The first style of citation is the APA or the American Psychological Association style. The organisation has defined specific methods of citation from electronic sources such as the internet. This method of citation uses parenthetical citations in place of endnotes or footnotes. There are several websites that guide you on how to use this citation style. Instead of footnotes or endnotes, you would find the year of publication and the author’s last name mentioned within parentheses in this style of citation.

The MLA or the Modern Language Association style of citation uses a completely different citation technique. This technique also uses a separate citation style for electronic sources such as the internet. In this method of citation, the sources are given at the end when the text is written and then, it is called as “works cited.” The Chicago Manual of Style uses two styles of citation – one is the author-date style and the other one is the notes-bibliography style. Last but not the least, the Turabian style of citation is based on the Chicago style. In this style of citation, the list containing the different sources is written at the end.

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